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World Premiere – Svjetlana Bukvich’s Piece MACHINA IN DUBIO

Svjetlana Bukvich’s piece MACHINA IN DUBIO for orchestra and electronic sound will be premiered in Sarajevo on Thursday, November 25 2021 as part of the concert celebrating Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day and featuring 10 brand-new orchestral pieces. The concert is supported by Asocijacija kompozitora – muzičkih stvaralaca AMUS, with the aim of enriching the symphonic literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Academy Orchestra – under the baton of Emir Mejremić – has been the driving force in this project.

The concert will be televised live on and preceded with composer interviews.
When: November 25, 2021 8pm
Where: The Army Hall, Zelenih beretki 2, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Svjetlana Bukvich is Chair of the Arts in BHAAAS.

About the piece: The Machine can predict human behavior. It moves quickly and thinks like fractals. In order to write a programming language about hope it starts simulating the music of humans. At the height of the simulation the machine glitches into a catharsis of sorts and starts writing original music. In its aftermath, the program spews out a dance to which the machine cannot move. The logic of the machine immediately destroys it, but the machine is never the same. Instead of hope, it writes a program about doubt, attracted to the very thing it once aimed to rule.

SBukvich Machina In Dubio

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