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What We Heard At BHAAAS’s Annual Assembly

BH Academic Directory, AI Development, and the Tallest Building in Salt Lake City

When experts and talents from different parts of the world gather under the auspices of BHAAAS, one can always expect inspirational, educational, and exciting presentations. A special segment of this year’s assembly agenda was precisely expert guest appearances.

ANNT: The Future of Science in BiH

Dženan Lapandić, a talented individual from Tuzla currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Sweden and currently a visiting researcher in the USA, enthusiastically introduced us to the work of the Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (ANNT). With their impressive 86 members, 20 of whom have Ph.Ds., ANNT has become a home for young experts from BiH engaged in research work worldwide. Their mission? Connecting and improving conditions for scientific work in BiH. With projects like STEM Youth Camp and the BH Academic Directory, they help future generations find their way in the world of science and technology.

“Our members are under 35. We gather a specific category of people who started their journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina and then found themselves in universities or institutes worldwide. Our members are at Stanford, MIT, ETH, CERN, UCL, UNSA… To join us, you need to bring a project proposal. We want young people to bring ideas and be engaged, essentially having an active membership,” Lapandić emphasized, adding that a project with BHFF and BHAAAS where students presented their three-minute theses was also a great success.

Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities

Professor Mirsad Hadžikadić, with 30 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, shared his thoughts on the possibilities and challenges of this field. Using examples like Chat GPT and, he highlighted the potential and importance of AI technology and its possible applications, not just worldwide but also in BiH. The key message? Technology cannot be stopped, but it’s up to us how we use it – as a tool for advancement or a potential danger.

Astra Tower: A Symbol of Modern Design and Environmental Awareness

Emir Turšić, a proud Bosnian and architect of the tallest building in Salt Lake City and the state of Utah, wowed us with the presentation of the Astra Tower. This impressive skyscraper will not only be the tallest building in Utah but is also designed with a special focus on ecology. With a central air filtration system and a “mini air filter” concept, the Astra Tower represents a blend of modern architecture and environmental awareness.

In wrapping up this exceptional segment of the BHAAAS assembly, one thing stood out: Regardless of our global coordinates, each of us has a role in sculpting BiH’s future. Whether the domain is science, technology, or architecture, our collective is the potent force primed to steer progress in the ensuing years.

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