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For any of the activities below please contact us at

Become a member of one of BHAAAS’s core working groups

Thanks to many enthusiastic BHAAAS members who spare their free time helping run core working groups (event organization, membership coordination, finances, project management, grant writing, etc.) the organization is able to function and grow. However, we always need more help! If you think you can help run any aspect of the organization, please let us know.


Organize a symposium or a similar event at Days of BHAAAS in B&H

Annual conference Days of BHAAAS in B&H is the most important event that BHAAAS organizes and the largest science conference in B&H. Every year, hundreds of BHAAAS members, B&H and international experts, scientists, researchers, and students gather to exchange knowledge and experience. If you have an idea for a symposium, round table, or a student activity, please let us know, and our team will give you all the support you need.


Host the Annual BHAAAS Meeting in the US

We invite members to host the BHAAAS Annual Meeting in their hometown in the US. At this meeting, members of BHAAAS have a chance to connect, network and hear about the projects and results from the past years, inaugurate the new president and the Board of Directors, meet new members, and discuss future plans. The Annual Meeting is also an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas and think about the future of BHAAAS.


Submit your new project idea

BHAAAS runs and supports different types of projects that embrace the organization’s core mission of knowledge transfer and development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From lecture series and training programs to networking events and student activities, there are many ways members can contribute. We are open to any creative proposal you may have. Email us a short summary of your idea and we will get back to you to discuss how BHAAAS can help make it happen.


Nominate a new BHAAAS member

BHAAAS is always looking for new members who can help fulfill BHAAAS’s vision. If you would like to nominate a professional that you think would be a good fit for BHAAAS, please contact us.


Stay in touch on social media

The Academy shares news, events, and updates on Facebook, Linkedin, instagram, and YouTube. Follow, share and stay up to date and help promote our work.


Tell us about your work

By spreading the word in Bosnia and Herzegovina about our members’ activities, we build awareness, share knowledge, trends, and promote potential networking and collaborations. Tell us about your latest publication, exhibition, concert, award, or similar work and we will be happy to share it on our social media.



Besides membership fees, donations are our most reliable and important source of revenue. And with the ambitious agenda we have set for the upcoming years, we are particularly grateful for any contribution that can be made. Donate here, or if you have any questions regarding your donation, feel free to contact us.

If you have any other questions or ideas for how to engage and contribute, please feel free to reach out to us.

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