1. International Symposium in Pulmonary medicine


Belma Paralija, MD, PHD, Pulmonologist, Associate Professor; Clinic of Lung Diseases and TB, Clinical Centre of University Sarajevo, Medical Faculty of University Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Jasmina Mustafić-Pandžić, MD, MSCI, Pulmonologist; Clinic of Lung Diseases and TB, Clinical Centre of University Sarajevo, Medical Faculty of University Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

2. International Symposium in Cardiovascular Surgery


Muhamed Djedović

Lejla Divović-Mustafić

3. International Symposium in Anesthesia, CCM and Pain Medicine


Jasmina Smajić

Ivan Keser

4. International Symposium in Gynecology and Obstetrics


Azra Sadiković

Igor Hudić

Taib Delić

5. International Symposium in Dermatology and Venerology


Amra Osmančević

6. International Symposium in Radiology


Emma Pinjić

7. International Symposium in Hepatology


Amila Mehmedović

8. International Symposium in Urgent medicine


Melica Imamovic-Bošnjak

9. International Symposium in Neurology


Prof. dr. Enra Mehmedika Suljić; KCUS Sarajevo, BiH Nevena Mahmutbegović; KCUS Sarajevo, BiH

Dr. Aida Kantardžič Šehić; Department of Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring, SMS, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

10. International Symposium in Mental Health in Children and Adolescents


Emira Švraka

Doc.dr. Sabina Kučukalić

11. International Symposium in Pediatrics


Emina Vukas-Salihbegovic

Amina Smajlović

12. International Symposium in Primary, Ambulatory and Public Health


Melida Hasanagić

Aida Ramić-Čatak

13. International Simposium in Plastic Surgery


Mahira Tanović

14. International Symposium in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery


Ibrahim Omerhodžić

15. International Symposium in Orthopaedics and Traumatology


Eldin Karaiković

16. The Fourth International Ophthalmology Symposium
– New Trends in Ophthalmology with Expert Meeting in Vitreoretinal Surgery with Wet Lab


Faruk Nišić

Nina Jovanović

17. International Symposium in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology


Gordan Srkalović

Ermina Iljazović


Mark your calendar and join us in Sarajevo for the 15th Days of BHAAAS Medical Science Symposia, June 20-23, 2024. The Medical Science Symposia deliver a global environment to promote professional enhancement, collaborations, and connection opportunities.

Our goal with the symposia is to gather academics, experts, researchers, doctors, and students from all corners of the world. We’ll share educational sessions, special events, panel discussions, and medicine workshops. The event provides an opportunity to make invaluable connections with a broader medical community.

The BHAAAS medical division intends to expand its education content to promote healthcare equality, multispecialty collaboration, and cost-effective medicine.

The BHAAAS medical division recommends proposals that address current global and local medical topics in public health, primary and preventive medicine, and specialties advancements.

We invite you to share your research, meet with mentors and coaches, and acquire valuable academic and practical skills. Our aim is to create an extraordinary educational event that will serve as an inspiring professional and academic experience.

Together, we will learn and share challenges to enhance our knowledge and skills.

Consistent with our prior practice, all accepted peer-reviewed abstracts will be published.


We are excited to hear from you and would like to invite you to become involved in our abstract submission processes, publishing reviews, or special event organization, such as workshops and open discussions. If you’re interested, please reach out to us via email at

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any requests, suggestions, or concerns. We are committed to working together.


Best regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Medical Science Symposia

Adnan Begovic MD

University of California, San Diego


January 8, 2024 Symposia registration
February 1, 2024 Call for abstracts
March 3, 2024 Deadline for submission of abstracts
April 10, 2024 Reviewer reports sent to authors
April 28, 2024 Corrected abstracts submission
May 10, 2024 Reviewer reports and final decision on abstract acceptance
May 19, 2024 Final abstract submission
May 26, 2024 Symposia program finalized
June 1, 2024 Deadline for registration and payment of the registration fee
June 20-23, 2024 Presentation of abstracts at the symposia
September, 2024 Submission of abstracts to publisher


During its “15th Days of BHAAAS in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences will organize the international conference on Medical Sciences.

  • Abstract submission is optional but welcome. In case you opt not to submit an abstract, a title of your presentation is necessary.
  • All abstracts, if submitted, must be written in English.
  • The presentations can be delivered in either English or in BHS language regardless of the symposium, although we encourage presentations in English.
  • All abstracts submitters must register for the conference.

Instructions for medical abstract submission

Type of presentation:
Original research,
Systematic review,
Topic review.

The title of the abstract should be short and concise.

Author Information:
All authors’ names (full first name followed by family name, separated by a comma from the next name),

All authors’ affiliations/institutions.

Abstract Structure:
For “Original research” and “Systematic reviews”, the abstract needs to have the following subtitles: Background, Aim, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

For “Topic review” (nonsystematic, narrative reviews), the first paragraph should be a brief Objective of the review, followed by the Topic Review paragraph, and ending with the brief Conclusion.

Character / Word Count:
Maximum 250 words total excluding the title, names of the authors, and the authors’ affiliations

English language:
Authors not proficient in the English language should have their abstract edited by a professional biomedical English language specialist.


Abstract submission

Deadline for Abstract Submission – March 3rd, 2024


  • After March 3rd each symposia chair will receive submitted abstracts related to their symposia.
  • The chair and co-chairs are responsible to do the first review and immediately rejecting abstracts that do not fulfill their basic criteria related to quality, context, plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. Chair or co-chairs will notify authors of the abstract rejection. The chair and co-chair will have to finalize this step by April 10th.
  • All abstracts that fulfill scientific criteria should be sent to the medical section review committee on the email by symposia chairs no later than March 3rd. At this point, please do not notify the authors of these abstracts.
  • The review committee will review all abstracts based on technical criteria propagated on the web page and send feedback to authors if any revision is needed. Ten days will be assigned for revision.
  • The due date for authors to make revisions and send abstracts back to the review committee will be April 28th.
  • Authors and Chairs will be notified of accepted and rejected abstracts by the review committee no later than May 10th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In all email correspondence between chairs and authors the review committee needs to be cc for easier follow up and double checking for any communication errors.


Perioperative Patient Care


Organizing Committee of the Medical Symposia 15th Days

Ermina Iljazović
Nina Jovanović
Jasmine Mustafić-Pandžić
Adem Nuhović
Adnan Begović

BHAAAS will facilitate an online presentation option for authors from outside Bosnia-Herzegovina who cannot physically attend the symposia.

For any questions regarding the Medical Sciences Symposia, please email