HOTEL RESERVATIONS for the 15th Days of BHAAAS in BiH

Hotel reservations for the 15th Days of BHAAAS can be made with our partner Hotel Hills Sarajevo.

Hotel Hills offers a guest transfer service from and to Sarajevo Airport for all guests who book a room at Hotel Hills. Prices: EUR 10.00 (for one person in one direction) and EUR 7.00 (per person in one direction for a group transfer). Reservations are made in writing to, with flight details, at least 24 hours before the arrival.


Butmirska cesta 18, Ilidža

71000 Sarajevo

Bosna i Hercegovina

Tel: +387 33 947 947



Please note that guests are responsible for all telephone, meal and extra service charges generated at the hotel. Please inform yourself of these charges and methods of payment to avoid possible misunderstandings at the check-out. Guests should ask about payment options at the check-in of their hotel. Check-out time from a hotel is usually at noon – please make sure to leave your room by the designated time (which you will verify at the hotel check-in at your arrival), as the BHAAAS will not cover extra costs of stay.

Please notify the Hospitality Service staff of any changes in your schedule and your departure time at your earliest convenience. You should notify the Hospitality  staff about your departure one day prior to it, so that they can inform you about the necessary details concerning the transportation options from your hotel to the airport.


Payment in Euro bills will not be accepted. Euros, US dollars, British pounds, Yens and other major currencies can be exchanged at the banks and exchange offices that are present all over the city. You can also swap your leftover KM/BAMs back into any of these main currencies. Banks are open from 09:00 till 18:00 on working days, and from 09:00 till 13:00 on Saturdays.

Credit cards are widely accepted in shops and restaurants. VISA and Master cards will be accepted in most places.



Important phone numbers:

Emergency Room
Address: Ložionička
Phone: 124,
+387 33 611 111

Clinical Centre of the University of Sarajevo
Address: Bolnička 25
Phone: +387 33 443 097

Center of Urgent Medicine
Address: Bolnička 25,
Phone: +387 33 215 830

Hospital General
Address: Kranjčevićeva 12
Phone: +387 33 272 300

Here are the phone numbers and addresses of several pharmacies throughout the city, some of which are open 24/7:

Address: Obala Kulina Bana 40
Phone: +387 33 272 300

Address: Salke Lagumdžije 15
Phone: +387 33 766 381

Address: Emira Bogunića – Čarlija 3
Phone: +387 33 762 181

Novo Sarajevo
Address: Zmaja od Bosne 51
Phone: +387 33 713 830