1. International Symposium in Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine

Symposium chairs:

Zana Borovcanin MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, New York

Melissa Kreso MD, University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry, New York

2. International symposium in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

Symposium chairs:

Ibrahim Omerhodzic MD, KUMC Sarajevo

Kenan Arnautovic MD, Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

3. International symposium in Cardiovascular Surgery

Symposium chairs:

Muhamed Djedovic MD, KUMC Sarajevo

Nermir Granov MD, KUMC Sarajevo

4. International symposium in Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Symposium chairs:

Faruk Nisic MD, KUMC, Sarajevo

Nina Jovanovic MD, Kantonal Hospital, Zenica

Jasmina Alajbegovic-Halimic MD

5. 2nd International Conference on Life Science

Symposium chairs:

dr. Amina Hrkovic-Porobija, Veterinary Faculty University of Sarajevo

dr. Emira Hukić, University of Sarajevo-Faculty of Forestry, Bosnia-Herzegovina

6. International Symposium on Obstetric and Gynecology

Symposium chairs:

Taib Delic MD, Agram Clinic, Sarajevo

Svjetlana Lozo MD, Columbia University, New York

Azra Sadikovic MD, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago

7. International Symposium in Dermatology and Venerology

Symposium chairs:

Amra Osmancevic MD, University of Goterborg, Sweden

8. International Symposium in Family Medicine

Symposium chair:

Melida Hasanagic MD, RMC Dr Safet Mujic, Mostar, BiH

9. International Symposium in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Symposium chairs:

Dr. Emela Mujic Skikic – Dubai, UAE

Dr. Amra Saric – Canada

Dr. Dijana Avdic – Sarajevo, BiH

10. International Symposium in Cardiovascular Medicine

Symposium chair:

Edin Begic MD, General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas”; School of Medicine, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

11. International Symposium in Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Symposium chairs:

Eldin Karaikovic MD

Senail Sivro MD

12. International Symposium in Pediatrics

Symposium chairs:

Feriha Catibusic MD, KCUS, Sarajevo, BiH

Amina Smajlovic MD ,Division of Primary Care Pediatrics Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio State University College of Medicine

13. International Symposium in Neurology

Symposium chairs:

Nevena Mahmutbegovic MD

Enra Mehmedika Suljic MD

Aida Kantadzic Sehic MD

14. International Symposium in Mental Health in Children and Adolescents

Symposium chair:

Emira Svraka MD

15. International Symposium in Breast Cancer

Symposium chair:

Lejla Hadzikadic Gusic MD, Charlotte, NC, Atrium Health-Carolinas Medical Center

16. International Symposium in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology

Symposium chairs:

Gordan Srkalovic MD, PhD Lansing, MI

Ermina Ilijazovic MD, PhD, Tuzla, BiH

17. International Simposium in General Surgery

Symposium chair:

Amila Husic MD

18. International Simposium in Plastic Surgery

Symposium chair:

Mahira Tanovic MD


During its “13th Days of BHAAAS in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences will organize the international conference on Medical Sciences.

Abstract submission is completed at this time, but we still welcome topic submissions. In case you want to submit your topic, a title of the presentation is necessary and should be written in English.

The presentations can be delivered in either English or in BHS language regardless of the symposium, although we encourage presentations in English.

Topic submission


  • After April 1st each symposia chair will receive submitted abstracts related to their symposia.
  • The chair and co-chairs are responsible to do the first review and immediately rejecting abstracts that do not fulfill their basic criteria related to quality, context, plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. Chair or co-chairs will notify authors of the abstract rejection. The chair and co-chair will have to finalize this step by April 10th.
  • All abstracts that fulfill scientific criteria should be sent to the medical section review committee on the email and by symposia chairs no later than April 10th. At this point, please do not notify the authors of these abstracts.
  • The review committee will review all abstracts based on technical criteria propagated on the web page and send feedback to authors if any revision is needed. Ten days will be assigned for revision.
  • The due date for authors to make revisions and send abstracts back to the review committee will be April 30th.
  • Authors and Chairs will be notified of accepted and rejected abstracts by the review committee no later than May 5th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In all email correspondence between chairs and authors the review committee needs to be cc for easier follow up and double checking for any communication errors.


January 1, 2022 Deadline for registration of Symposia. If you wish to organize a symposium, please send the symposium name and the chair’s full name, title, and email address to A symposium can have up to two additional co-chairs, in which case the same information should be provided for the co-chairs. Please keep in mind that all dates are final and that we can not make any exceptions. Once a symposium is proposed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please send the photos of all symposium co-chairs to Alen Corovic at

April 1, 2022 Deadline for submission of abstracts
May 10, 2022 Deadline for registration and payment of the registration fee.


Round table: Organization of Private Health Care
“What role will the private sector play in healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future?”


Rasim Jusufović MD, PhD, SSST, Sarajevo, BiH

Round table in Public Health


Arif Smajkic MD

Slavenka Straus MD



Ibrahim Omerhodžić, BHAAAS, Sarajevo

Amer Smajkić, BHAAAS, Chicago

Genetic testing


M.Sc. Anela Zorlak, Genetičko savjetovalište Genetika, Sarajevo, BiH


Organizing Committee of the Medical Symposia 13th Days

Muhamed Djedović MD
Nina Jovanović MD
Ibrahim Omerhodžić MD
Azra Sadiković MD
Amer Smajkić MD (President of the Medical Section)

BHAAAS will facilitate an online presentation option for authors from outside Bosnia-Herzegovina who cannot physically attend the symposia. BHAAAS retains the right to adjust its conferencing model according to the COVID-19 situation.

For any questions regarding the Medical Sciences Symposia, please email