• Exhibition opening
    Museum of literature and performing arts
    Sime Milutinovića Sarajlije 7, Sarajevo


    Dr. Majda Turkić
    Video instalacija / Video installation
    Dr. Adis Elias Fejzić
    Bosansko mediAEvalno pismo – Molitve i zapisi, prvi dio / Bosnian mediAEval Alphabet – Prayers & Talismans, Part I
    Authors celebrate publication – cocktail hour: Selections from the BHAAAS Second Humanities and the Arts (HARTS) International Symposium proceedings on the theme of ‘Interdisciplinarity as the basis for research design’ to be published through the Literature Museum in Fall 2022

  • Exhibition opening
    National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Zelenih beretki 8, Sarajevo


    The line of forgetting, Dr. Branka Kopecki
    Branka Kopecki’s project The line of forgetting unites photography and generative drawing. It is based on a metaphorical representation of memory that is paradoxically functional only when it forgets, because if we remember everything as Funes, one of Borges’ heroes, then memories have no meaning or affective value for us. With his project, Kopecki affirms the idea that selection and oblivion give importance to what has not been forgotten. Through photography whose power rests more on the emotion it awakens in us than on the representation of visible reality, Kopecki evokes scenes torn from life, which she revives in a new reality, the reality of the image.
    Thanks to the merging of fragments of different landscapes and the technological possibility of translating the image into a drawing, the viewer faces the intersection of reality and imagination as a process on which memory rests. Landscape is a symbol of permanence in this project. By merging and separating fragments of human life with a spatial line, it carves itself into the magical structure of memory as a timeless and surreal scene.
    Breath in Stone, M.A. Slobodan Radosavljević
    Slobodan Radosavljević’s project Breath in Stone presents architecture as a dynamic of construction and deconstruction. It was created using LIDAR technology, which enables new ways of capturing reality in three-dimensional form and offers viewers an encounter with space as a form in constant transformation.
    Title of the exhibition directly points to the fact that architecture, by incarnating the spiritual in the material, reflects man’s thinking and mentality, as well as the level of his knowledge and consciousness. In that sense, architecture is a reflection of man’s personal and collective identity, which is based as much on his ability to accept reality as on the capacity of imagination.
    By erasing the boundaries between transparent and opaque, internal and external, intimate and public space, Radosavljević wants to destabilize the experience of architecture as a creation that establishes a barrier between visible and invisible based on human everyday experience, and valorize perception and abstraction as basic means of creating new worlds.

  • Roundtable event
    30th anniversary of the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo: Roundtable discussion about the novel ‘Kad sam bio hodža’ by Damir Ovčina

    Museum of literature and performing arts
    Sime Milutinovića Sarajlije 7, Sarajevo


    This roundtable discussion will bring together Damir Ovčina, author of the novel Kad sam bio hodža (When I was an Imam, untransl.); Dr. Ellen Elias Bursać, translator into English of novels, short stories, plays and essays by Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian writers since the 1980s. Among them are David Albahari, Ivana Bodrožić, Svetlana Broz, Slavenka Drakulić, Daša Drndić, Almir Imširević, Miljenko Jergović, Olja Knežević, Kristian Novak, Robert Perišić, Igor Štiks, Dubravka Ugrešić and Karim Zaimović. Ellen is currently serving on the Board of American Literary Translators Association (ALTA); Dr. Thomas Nolden, Professor at the Department for German and European Studies at Wellesley College where he has been directing the Comparative Literary Studies Program. He has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, the Freie Universität Berlin, and as visiting professor at Brandeis University and at M.I.T. He has been a member of the Coordinating Committee for the Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages Series (part of the International Comparative Literature Association); and Dr. Amira Bojadžija-Dan from the Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, co-author of two books, one of which (H.G. Adler: Life, Literature, Legacy) won the 2016 Canadian Jewish Literary Award in the Jewish Thought and Culture category.
    This roundtable is an opportunity for the participants to examine the issues as they relate to the theme of siege in literature. The roundtable does not have a formal agenda, but there are specific topics we will discuss such as the 30th anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo and the ways in which Mr. Ovčina’s novel complicates the narratives about it. Ovčina’s novel is an unusual chronicle of a nameless young man, a Bosniak who, in the early days of siege, finds himself in the Serb-controlled area of Grbavica, and remains there as a forced labourer. Written with very few verbs, Kad sam bio hodža contains echoes of French writer Georges Perec, famous for the experimentation with novel and essay as literary forms, and the so-called constrained writing. For example, Perec’s novel A Void is written without the use of the letter E. Like Perec, Ovčina avoids descriptions of emotional states, favouring instead a stripped-down, blow-by-blow description of actions and the experience of reality through the senses. The roundtable discussion will explore the possibility of comparative literary approaches to the study of literature about the state of siege; the existence of a vernacular based on the narratives of the sense memory; the constraints that the state of siege places on the language; the siege and the trauma, and others.
    The participants of the roundtable will also accept the questions pertaining to the topic of the literature about the siege and the novel Kad sam bio hodža.
    Round table participants:
    Damir Ovčina, author of the novel Kad sam bio hodža (When I was an Imam), BiH
    Dr. Ellen Elias Bursać , Board of American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), USA
    Dr. Thomas Nolden, Wellesley College), USA
    Dr. Amira Bojadžija-Dan, Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, USA
    Moderator: Amira Bojadžija-Dan

  • Gala Opening Ceremony of the 13th Days of BHAAAS
    City Hall (Vijećnica)
    *invitation only


    Muzički program / Music
    Snijeg pade na behar, na voće / The Snow Fell on Trees in Bloom 12 min
    Tradicionalna narodna / Traditional
    Sinan Alimanović, Klavir / piano
    Sinan Alimanović, Svjetlana Bukvich, Aranžman / Arrangement
    Svjetlana Bukvich, Elektronski zvuk / electronic sound
    Sinan Alimanović is a multi award-winning pianist, organist, composer, arranger, conductor, educator, bandleader and Bosnian Jazz Ambassador based in Sarajevo. Jazz critics describe him as: “one of the main European pianistic figures especially by his unique approach to American jazz and its interpretation and perception in Europe.” (Dinko Husadžić Sansky)
    Mr. Alimanović collaborated with leading European and American musicians, such as Randy Brecker, Harvie S, Duško Gojković, Erich Kleinschuster, Alex Blake, Victor Lewis, Barbara Hendricks, Gianni Basso, Aladár Pege, Vaclav Zahradnik, Lee Harper, Csaba Deseo, Jim Mullen, Robert Balzar, and many others, and his International Band has been active in various forms since early eighties performing in Europe, USA and China.
    He was a member of the Big Bands of the RTV Priština and RTV Sarajevo (later RTV BiH) as the pianist, arranger, composer and conductor. Twice he was a member of the EBU/UER Public Jazz Orchestra (1986,1990) as the only representative of the former Yugoslavia. In the 80’s Alimanović opened the first Jazz Club in Sarajevo, named The Jazz Club of the International Friendship. Four times he was conductor and arranger at the Eurovision Song Contest. He is one of the founders of the Sarajevo Big Band and has collaborated with rock band Indexi.
    In 2013 Sinan Alimanović’s composition “Lejla” has been selected in TOP 5 world’s jazz compositions by Made in New York Jazz. In September 2020 label Miles High Records (NY), released the album “Lejla” by Sinan Alimanović International Band.
    “Sinan Alimanović is a world class musician. He is a great composer, pianist and arranger. He has great technical knowledge, but he plays from the heart.” – Harvie S.
    Sarajevo-born and NYC-based Svjetlana Bukvich is widely regarded as one the most innovative and dynamic multimedia composers in America. Her music for dance, film, and the concert stage has been presented across the U.S., and internationally in Beijing, London, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Odessa, Sydney, and Berlin, among others. Her collaborations with the leading contemporary music organizations have been supported by numerous sponsorships and commissions, including USArtists International, New Music USA, the American Composers Forum, New England Foundation for the Arts, IACD at Harvard University, O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation, The Frances Richard Fund for Innovative Artists of Promise, and the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). Ms. Bukvich is featured in the Jennifer Kelly book In Her Own Words: Conversations with Composers in the United States where she is identified as one of the 25 outstanding women composers in America whose “processes can be viewed as alternatives to convention, for they expand accepted definition of composition and venue … “.
    In 2014 Parma Recordings released her solo album EVOLUTION, followed by EXTENSION in 2020; both collections have since received critical acclaim and radio play worldwide. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York recently broadcast selections from these works in the MetLiveArts’ best-of-season showcase. Ms. Bukvich is a contributing author in the book Perspectives on Music Production: Gender in Music Production published by Francis and Taylor, UK in summer of 2020. Ms. Bukvich is currently Assistant Professor at the City University of New York.

  • Exhibition opening
    Rectorate of the Sarajevo University
    Obala Kulina bana 7/II


    Dr. Adis Elias Fejzić
    Bosansko mediAEvalno pismo – Molitve i zapisi, drugi dio / Bosnian mediAEval Alphabet – Prayers & Talismans, Part II

  • Book presentation:
    ‘Wounded I am More Awake: Finding meaning after terror’, written by Dr. Esad Boškailo and Julia Lieblich, now available in Bosnian.
    Faculty of Economics, UNSA
  • Gala Dinner: The conference dinner for the 13th Days of BHAAAS will take place on
    Pivnica HS June 25 (Entertainment by Gonzo) *invitation only

Art and Culture events are open to public and free, Conference registration is not required for attendance.
(* except Gala opening Ceremony and Gala dinner – invitations only).