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Prof Ismar Volic

Dear BHAAAS members and friends,

It is my honor to take over the presidency of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences. I appreciate the trust that the Board of Directors has placed in my ability to lead this remarkable organization for the next year.

As delighted as I am to have this privilege, I regret that the tenure of our previous president, Dr. Mahira Tanović, has come to an end. Due to the pandemic, Dr. Tanović was our first and only two-term president, a duty she gracefully accepted and carried out fairly, decisively, and effectively. I can only hope to lead us as competently as Dr. Tanović.

BHAAAS has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. We expanded our activities and our membership, gained in importance and stature, and continue to serve as a model for what education, scientific endeavor, and the pursuit of the arts ought to look like. Our members possess an unmatched expertise and skills that, when given the opportunity, shines brightly and points the way to knowledge and progress, to freedom from divisiveness and intolerance.

All of our successes, however, are dictating that we rethink our administrative and operational structure which can no longer keep up with our expansion. It is my goal to build on the exciting momentum we have gathered and carry us through some important and necessary structural changes. I have already initiated certain processes that will ultimately result in a sustainable financial and organizational framework, expand the scope of our activities, improve communication, and increase member involvement.

The goals I have set for BHAAAS for the next year are ambitious; their enactment will likely continue well past my presidency. Because of the extent of my agenda, it is crucial that you, BHAAAS members, are actively engaged and take part in these transformative changes. The Board of Directors and I hope to hear your thoughts about BHAAAS’ future, your ideas for projects and activities, and – most importantly – how we can make sure that BHAAAS is an organization that serves your best interests.

Once again, I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me and in my capacity to lead BHAAAS. We have a busy and exciting year ahead, a year in which you and I have the opportunity to act in concert to broaden the reach and significance of this organization. I look forward to working with you all.


With gratitude,

Ismar Volić

BHAAAS President

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