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Emir Festic BHAAAS President

Dear members and friends,

Summer holidays are behind us, as well as another successful Days of BHAAAS in B&H. We are preparing for our annual meeting, which will this year take place in Memphis, TN, from October 11-13.

The Days of BHAAAS were held in Sarajevo, on June 20-23. There were 16 scientific symposia, one mini symposium, two plenary sessions and 4 cultural events. The highlight was an opening ceremony and multimedia concert by our Svjetlana Bukvich and local musicians in Vijecnica. His excellence US Ambassador in B&H, Eric Nelson, lead the US delegation at the opening ceremony and delivered the honorary speech.

Hotel Bristol proved to be an excellent venue for this year’s event. Also, the Days were organized with the help of a professional agency, which has elevated the events to a higher level in the organizational sense.

We have signed four memoranda of collaboration, with the University of Sarajevo, the International University of Sarajevo, the Burch University and the General Hospital. These efforts will open possibilities for future collaboration and expand the horizons of the academic exchange.

The success of the 11th Days of BHAAAS in B&H was celebrated during the Gala dinner event in Hotel Bosnia, with the lecturers, attendees, musicians, artists and their family members in the spirit of togetherness.

Please visit the gallery on our website where you can see photos from the various events ( The link for the video of the 11th Days of BHAAAS can be seen by clicking here (

I hope that many of you will be able to join us in Memphis for our annual meeting. (

Our hosts, Sanja and Kenan Arnautovic have been working hard to prepare another memorable event, filled with the exchange of ideas and friendship. Dr. Mahira Tanovic, our President elect, will take a lead at this meeting in October and that means another very exciting and successful year for the Academy!


Emir Festic

President, BHAAAS

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