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Meet The BHAAAS Divisions: Humanities And The Arts (HARTS)

From this year, the HARTS division also includes Social Sciences, so an interdisciplinary symposium including sociological topics will be held at the 14th BHAAAS Days in Tuzla. The mission of HARTS is to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary research that involves the interweaving of art and other humanistic disciplines through the presentation and promotion of artistic projects and theoretical knowledge that are the result of the work of members in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world. The President of HARTS division is Slobodan Radosavljević, an architect and professor of visual arts at the Department of Philosophy and Art at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Québec).

In accordance with the basic postulate of our mission, we are open to all kinds of interactions between art, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, religion and all other humanistic disciplines that, directly or indirectly, have man and his primordial need for creation as the object of their research. We are open to cooperation with all artists and art theoreticians as well as cultural and academic institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the countries of the region and internationally, who are ready to share experience through interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange, as actors of cultural events. As members, we accept artists and humanists who support these principles and engage and empathically create a vision of an emancipated society, outside of national-geographic constraints. We believe that such a society, through art and humanism, broadly and self-critically expands self-awareness and self-knowledge and gives expression the right to make the everyday life of modern living more conscious, noble, and free.

Slobodan Radosavljević

President of HARTS division

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