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Dr. Aida Ramić-Čatak Is The Heroine Of The Month Chosen By The American  Embassy In BiH

Dr. Aida Ramić-Čatak, tobacco control coordinator at the Federal Ministry of Health and member of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS), received a special award from the Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was declared Heroine of the Month because of everything she has done so far to improve public health in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It was an exceptional honor for us to award dr. Aida Ramić-Čatak won the title of BH heroine for her twenty years of selfless commitment and work in public health in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the field of tobacco control. Her tireless efforts led to legislation that will restrict smoking in public places and around children. Her work and commitment will certainly improve the respiratory health of everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the US Embassy on their social networks.

Namely, dr. Ramić-Čatak for years has been one of the biggest advocates of tobacco control in our country, and she has often emphasized in her public appearances that it is never too late to do something for your health and stop smoking. If it is necessary, she emphasized that it is nothing terrible to seek professional help in the process of quitting, but also pointed to the fact that a large number of people die from the consequences of smoking.

Dr. Ramić-Čatak also influenced the adoption of the law banning smoking in closed facilities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of last year. The law entered into force at the end of May this year.

“With this law, we want to protect those who do not consume tobacco and tobacco products because, according to research results, about half of the population in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is exposed to the effects of tobacco smoke,” said dr. Ramić-Čatak earlier, and reminded that the work on laws regulating tobacco control is not over yet.


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