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Boston Hosts Largest Bosnia And Herzegovina Professionals Networking / Business Forum

Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation has again shown incredible leadership and with its partners New England Friends of Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Bosnia & Herzegovina American Academy of Arts & Science hosted the largest Bosnia & Herzegovina Professionals Networking & Business Forum in Boston, MA, USA. The gathering was the first of its kind in Boston and brought together more than 70 professionals from academia, private industry, government, healthcare together with numerous senior leaders representing companies from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

“BH Futures Foundation’s mission is to empower youth in Bosnia & Herzegovina through access to technology, world class education and leadership. However, developing incredibly capable students without developing the capacities of companies in the homeland would in many ways have a counter effect because these young people would not have a place to work, even if some of them created companies of their own. For this reason our foundation is working in parallel with companies, building bridges between our diaspora and the best we have on offer in the country”, says Edhem ‘Eddie’ Custovic the founder of BH Futures Foundation.

The Information Technology & engineering industries (design, research & development, manufacturing) are the backbone of many global economies. Bosnia & Herzegovina has a long history of excellence in these fields. Modern technologies have enabled even the most remote communities to be connected to the global economic pipeline and the search for talent is growing exponentially. We believe that with the 1.5 million or more in diaspora, of which a large proportion is highly qualified, influential and experienced, can be a game changer for Bosnia & Herzegovina. Furthermore, the extensive networks of our diaspora ensure that no corner of our planet can’t be reached and influenced.

The companies and organisations which presented are listed below.

  • DKR – Masterwerk (Tuzla) ( – Muamer Babajic, Founder

  • Lilium Digital (Sarajevo) ( – Semir Music, Co-Founder

  • Virtual Tribe 360 (Sarajevo/Boston) – Amir Caluk, CEO & Founder

All presenters and attendees agreed that these types of events must be organised more frequently. Plans to organise a follow up event in Boston are already under way.

BH Futures Foundation is already planning to host similar events in London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), Dubai (UAE), Melbourne (Australia), Maastricht (Netherlands), Chicago (USA) and others in 2020.

The BH Futures Foundation would like thank everyone for attending. A special thanks goes to our local partners New England Friends of Bosnia and the BHAAAS for helping bringing all of this together.

A special thanks to all of our speakers who flew in from Bosnia & Herzegovina to be with us.

Thank you UNDP Diaspora 4 Development (Bosnia & Herzegovina) for supporting our work.


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