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BHAAAS Supports Theater Festival Juventafest

BHAAAS is delighted to continue to support Juventafest, an annual high school theater festival whose 6th iteration will take place in Sarajevo in September 2018.  The festival features high school theater productions selected through a rigorous application process, and has since its inception attracted over four hundred participants from eight countries. In addition to performing, the participants attend workshops in dramaturgy, puppetry, dance, music, and mask making.

Juventafest’s primary mission is to nurture and advance the appreciation for theater, but another striking quality of this event is its social aspect, namely the way in which it brings young people  together.  Through its carefully crafted program, Juventafest has helped forge lasting friendships and collaborations across the region and beyond.  We recognize the artistic and social value of this festival and especially its alignment with BHAAAS’ own goal of furthering arts and sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  BHAAAS will donate 1000KM to the festival for the manufacture of the trophies to be awarded to the winners.




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