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Techical and Natural Sciences – Zlatan Akšamija (


Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HARTS) through the presentation and promotion of artistic projects and theoretical knowledge resulting from the work of its members in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world, the Humanities and the Arts (HARTS) aims to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary research that involves the intertwining of art and other humanities disciplines.

In accordance with the basic postulate of our mission, we are open to all kinds of interactions between art, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, religion, and all other humanities disciplines that, directly or indirectly, have man and his primal need for creation as the object of their research. We are open to collaboration with all artists and art theorists, as well as cultural and academic institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, and internationally, who are willing to share their experience through interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange. We accept artists and humanists who support these principles and are committed to creating a vision of an emancipated society, free from national-geographic constraints. We believe that such a society, through art and humanities, generously and self-critically expands awareness and knowledge about oneself and provides expression for the right to make everyday life of contemporary beings more conscious, noble and free.

Through activities such as exhibitions, music, film and theater events, publications, conferences, discussions, etc., Humanities and the Arts (HARTS) is dedicated to studying and practicing contemporary creation, as well as its traditional, technological, and hybrid forms that involve production and intellectual preoccupations. By establishing bridges between theoretical and artistic projects, different disciplines, and creators who have formed within the Bosnian-Herzegovinian cultural and linguistic heritage, but also outside the country, Humanities and the Arts (HARTS) contributes to understanding creation as a specific form of knowledge advancement.

The mission of our members also involves participation in the formation of new generations of creators as well as new educational programs. This work follows trends and expands the spectrum of issues in humanities and art disciplines, reflective and expressive experiences, as well as knowledge that is of invaluable importance for the formation of a treasury of spiritual, material, and cultural wealth and the preservation of the identity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BHAAAS artists have worked with all major institutions in BiH and the world.

From the institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we highlight:

  • Narodno pozorište Sarajevo
  • Festival Sarajevska Zima
  • Balet Narodnog pozorišta Sarajevo
  • Muzička Akademija Sarajevo
  • Gradska Vijećnica Sarajevo
  • Kamerni Teatar Sarajevo
  • Zemaljski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine
  • Sarajevska Filharmonija
  • Muzički Centar Pavarotti Mostar
  • Muzej književnosti
  • Umjetnička galerija Bosne i Hercegovine

Criteria for membership admission

Criteria for membership in the BHAAAS Division of Social Sciences and Arts

  1. Quality, scope, and significance of publicly presented artistic works and scientific research: exhibitions, concerts, publications, scientific and artistic communications, as well as all other activities that meet the requirements of the discipline and interdisciplinary authorial forms.
  2. Originality of the research-creative process and its importance for the discipline, for the cultural-academic environment in which the author operates directly, and for the general contribution to the advancement of creativity, knowledge, and innovation on practical and theoretical levels.
  3. Recognition at the national and international level: awards, honors, titles, honorary and professional positions, guest appearances, and active participation in juries, scientific and artistic institutions, cultural organizations, committees, professional bodies and organizations, as well as state institutions that have an impact on the advancement and valorization of creative work, the development of scientific and cultural activities, and events in accordance with ethical values and norms that contribute to the humanization of society and the enrichment of human beings.
  4. Contribution to the formation and development of artistic and research youth, contribution to the transfer of knowledge and the formation of new personnel, educational programs, areas, disciplines, and institutions within professional, personal, and humanitarian activities of the candidate.
  5. Willingness to contribute to the work of BHAAAS, not only at the level of arts and social sciences but also in overarching organizational processes, in line with the length of service in the organization, interests, and professional competencies.
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