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BH Boston Networking & Business Forum

Business networking forum connecting professionals, entrepreneurs and companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina with those of New England.

The Information Technology & engineering industries (design, research & development, manufacturing) are the backbone of many global economies. Bosnia & Herzegovina has a long history of excellence in these fields. Modern technologies have enabled even the most remote communities to be connected to the global economic pipeline and the search for talent is growing exponentially. We believe that with the 1.5 million or more in diaspora, of which a large proportion is highly qualified, influential and experienced, can be a game changer for Bosnia & Herzegovina. Furthermore, the extensive networks of our diaspora ensure that no corner of our planet can’t be reached and influenced.
The goal of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Professionals Networking and Business Forum is to bring together companies and professionals from Bosnia & Herzegovina under the same roof as equivalent from the diaspora from the New England region. We want to connect successful professionals in New England. The event will also attract several special guests from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE) and Americans who wish to help Bosnia & Herzegovina flourish again.

BH Boston Networking - Business Forum
The event will consist of a formal presentation component as well as an open networking session.
Using rapid pitch presentations, companies & individuals will have the opportunity to present their portfolios and discover new opportunities for collaboration that can result in one or more of the following:

– Exchange experiences and knowledge with local/international experts
– Develop partnerships and outsourcing cooperation
– Discover and develop joint venture opportunities
– Exchange cultural best practices in business
– Explore new markets and develop new business

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