• International Symposium in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Hotel Holiday – Room UNA
  • 2nd International Conference on Life Science
    Hotel Holiday – Room DRINA
  • International Symposium in Mental Health in Children and Adolescents
    Hotel Holiday – Room HOLIDAY
  • International Symposium in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology
    Hotel Holiday – Room VRBAS
  • International Symposium in Dermatology and Venerology
    Hotel Holiday – Room NERETVA
  • International Symposium in Pediatrics I
    Hotel Holiday – Room SARAJEVO
  • International Symposium in Breast Cancer
    Hotel Holiday – Room DRINA
  • Round Table: Public Health
    Hotel Holiday – Room NERETVA


    Prof.dr. Slavenka Straus Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, BiH
    Prof.emer.dr. Arif Smajkic Faculty of Medicine, Sarajevo, BiH
    Moderator: Primarius dr. Goran Čerkez, Assistant Minister, Federal Ministry of Health, BiH
    First topic :
    Essential facts about the crisis of health care sistems in former socialist countries.
    Second topic:
    Management of health care of the population in immigration.

  • Genetic Testing
    Open to the public
    Hotel Holiday – Room HOLIDAY
  • Round Table „The role of the private health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s health system” (followed by a small cocktail)
    Open to the public
    Hotel Holiday – Big conference room


    15:30 – 16:45 Round Table Discussion and Q&A
    Doc. Dr. Sci. Rasim Jusufović, dr med (Direktor projekta ASA Bolnica Sarajevo)
    – Haris Vranić (Ministry of Health of Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo, BiH)
    – Mirsad Kacila (Private Medical Institution “Heart Center”, Sarajevo, BiH)
    – Faruk Hadžić ( Department of Economics and Business, SSST University in Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiH)
    – Muamer Kosovac (Sarajevo Canton Health Insurance Institute, Sarajevo, BiH)
    – Rasim Jusufović (Department of Health Economics, Medical Faculty of SSST University in Sarajevo and ASA Hospital Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiH)
    – Medical Patient representatives.
    Doc. Dr. Tarik Čatić (Department of Health Economics, Medical Faculty, SSST University in Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiH)
    16:45 – 17:30 Cocktail Networking Event

  • International Symposium in Neurology I
    Hotel Holiday – Room NERETVA
  • 2nd Meet the Medical Students Event
    Open to the public
    Hotel Holiday – Big conference room
  • International Symposium in Cardiovascular Surgery
    Hotel Holiday – Room UNA
  • International Simposium in General Surgery
    Hotel Holiday – Room VRBAS
  • International Simposium in Pediatrics III
    Hotel Holiday – Room HOLIDAY
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Researchers Meetup
    Everyone is invited to come, but registration is a must, so please use the link to register: https://forms.gle/Z9rbQLSbSsNVJ7Th9
    Hotel Holiday, Conference Hall “Novi Inn”


    One of the best things about international conferences is the networking. We want to give students an opportunity to take the best out of the scientific community present at the 13th BHAAAS DAYS. This Meetup, organized by BH Futures Foundation and BHAAAS, will give students a chance to network with scientists, professionals from different fields and different countries, as well as their peers. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, discuss ideas, projects, career aspirations and opportunities.

Registration and payment of the conference fee are required for attending the conference.