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Invitation for exhibition opening

“Memories in Stone” is a multimedia and multidisciplinary project that gathers an international team of researchers and artists of Bosnian background. The exhibition focuses on early Ottoman cemeteries and culture of death as reflected in Bosnian architecture, iconography and epigraphy. Although considered to be the spaces of death, the cemeteries are also places that inscribe new narratives of life and modes of coexistence inBosnia and Herzegovina.

Amila Buturović (York University, Toronto, Canada) is a historian of culture and religion whose work investigates culture of death in early Ottoman Bosnia and analyzes the changes in the eschatological sensibilities occasioned by the Ottomanization and Islamization in the region.

Azra Akšamija (MIT Cambridge, USA) is a historian of architecture and conceptual artist. Author of many art works and academic studies, Azra contributes to the exhibition with an interactive carpet woven by women refugees of the 1992-95 war, which bears witness to the violence and loss andperpetuates the tradition of typical Bosnian carpet motifs.

Velibor Božović (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) is a visual artist whose contributions here are at once a documentary and interpretative travelogue through the cemeteries of Bosnia and Herzegovina in their natural environment. In his work, he explores how images influence memory and the role they play inthe space where the historical, the fictional and the personal interrelate.

Adis Elias Fejzić (Brisbane, Australia) is an internationally acclaimed sculpture whose work enable the medieval Bosnian tombstone – the stećak – to find new meaning and place in Bosnian and world culture. Through his reliefs and sculptures he enriches the theme of memory in stone from the perspective of contemporary art.

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