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Why Apply?

If you want to enrich your academic, professional and soft skills through work with world’s medicine experts, this program is for you!

Who can apply?

Medical students from Bosnia and Herzegovine who are in their third, fourth, fifth or sixth year or are doing an internship at the time of the start of the program (October).

When to apply?

Applications are open until September 10th 2023.

How to apply?

by filling out this form.

How does it work?

  1. After the program committee receives your application, they will review it and determine whether it qualifies for the program or not. Qualified applications will then go through the matching process to find you the most fitting mentor.
  2. If your application is qualified and we find you the right mentor match, we will notify you in the last two weeks of September with more details.
  3. You will start meeting your mentor in October and it will be your responsibility to schedule regular meetings with him/her. One hour per month is a minimum both mentor and mentee need to commit to. All additional meetings will be up to the mentor/mentee agreement.

For any further questions please contact us at

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