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Dr. Amer Smajkić Spoke For WGN About Seasonal Depression And Treatment Methods

Amer Smajkić, former president of BHAAAS, was a guest on WGN (Chicago TV Channel), where he talked about seasonal affective disorders (seasonal depression), how to prevent and recognize them. dr. Smajkić highlighted the key differences between sadness and depression, stressing that seasonal disorders often begin with milder symptoms such as lack of sleep, fatigue, sadness and difficulty concentrating. Speaking about how to recognize the onset of seasonal affective disorder and distinguish it from depression, he emphasized the importance of recognizing symptoms that last longer than two weeks. Smajkić encouraged viewers to prepare in advance for this type of disruption, suggesting aerobic exercise as a useful tool for maintaining energy and physical health.

Referring to the specifics of Chicago, Smajkić highlighted the lack of sunny days and emphasized the importance of vitamin D for maintaining serotonin levels. He urged viewers to recognize the need for professional help if they notice changes in behavior, weight gain, or if they feel the quality of everyday life is being compromised.

When asked about the legalization of cannabis in Chicago, Smajkić expressed caution, stressing that cannabis can have depressing long-term effects and warning that it should not be used lightly. He emphasized the importance of consulting a professional before any use of cannabis for the purpose of managing an emotional state. You can watch the entire guest appearance by doctor Smajkić here:

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