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Donation Campaign Of BHAAAS

Speech therapy equipment facilitated the work of the Mobile Team with children with developmental disabilities

A large number of children today face certain developmental difficulties, and early detection and the start of work with such children is extremely important. Apart from parents, the school also plays a big role in the progress of children with developmental difficulties.

This is exactly what the Mobile Expert Team for Inclusive Education Support, which operates in several schools in the Sarajevo Canton, has been doing for several years. These teams are composed of experts from various fields who monitor and assess the needs of children with difficulties, and provide them with individual or group support in cooperation with teachers and parents.

Due to the large number of students with articulation difficulties, the Second Elementary School in Hrasnica team needed a Vibrophone speech therapy device and speech therapy probes, and thanks to members of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS) and others who responded to BHAAAS’s donation drive, the devices were recently delivered to this school and experts have already started working with them.

Amela Mujkić, a speech therapist in the Mobile Team, pointed out:

“This donation is of great importance for students with speech and language difficulties. Namely, the Vibrophone device and speech therapy probes are speech therapy equipment that can be easily transported from one school to another, so the donation has multiple importance because it will be used to work with students in four institutions in the area of ​​the municipality of Ilidža. Speech-language, more precisely, articulation difficulties are a frequently present disorder among students. By having speech therapy probes and a vibrophone, the process of correcting children’s voices should be more successful and faster”, said Mujkić.

The donation campaign of BHAAAS gathered the members and friends of the organization around this goal, and with the money they donated, a Vibrophone and a speech therapy probe were purchased, which will facilitate the Mobile Professional Team’s work with children. Representatives of BHAAAS talked with experts from the Mobile Team about the need to organize workshops on the topic of inclusion and the possibilities of international cooperation in this field, as well as about the need for raising awareness about this important topic.

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