Phoenix BHAAAS Fundraiser for BOSANA Foundation

by Djenita Pasic and Ismar Volic 
on Behalf of BHAAAS and its Partnership with BOSANA

In 2007, when we established BHAAAS, one of the first projects was to provide educational scholarships to students in B&H. However, we soon realized that it was very time-consuming and difficult to do so. We had to organize the whole process to (1) establish the proper criteria for scholarships, (2) advertise the scholarships, (3) select remarkable candidates and then (4) administer the funds.

​That is why we at BHAAAS were delighted to partner with BOSANA in October 2014. We feel fortunate to contribute to the education of stellar B&H students selected through BOSANA’s impressive vetting process. At this time, BHAAAS has collected close to $5,000 for BOSANA’s students.

We at BHAAAS are also very proud of our Immediate Past President, Esad Boskailo, his wife Aisa and all their friends in Phoenix who have given their precious time to organize this fundraiser for BOSANA. We salute their efforts in bringing together such a large group of B&H supporters and friends. And, as we all have witnessed first hand, nothing can improve the odds of our young friends in B&H like education!

Thank you all for being here tonight and for making a contribution for a better B&H.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the BHAAAS / BOSANA Scholarship Fund, please visit this link.