Dear BHAAAS members,

It’s my pleasure to inform you that our regular annual meeting this year will be held on *September 30 ( Suturday)  in New York, Club Quarters hotel*.

The price of the agreed accommodation, with a discount, is $218 per person. If two people per room, then additional $18, in total $236 ($118 per
person).We ask those who wish to attend our Annual Meeting in New York to let our secretary Slavica Hrnkaš know at: until 10-Aug-2017 and send the next data:First and last name:
Check-In Date:
Check-Out Date):
Type of room (one bed; two single beds):
Do you have a roommate?   Yes   or   No
If yes, name of the roommate:According to that we will make a list of attendees and book the rooms according to the above prices.I invite you all to come and join us in having fun together, holding useful debates about our work, organization, members, new activities, future projects etc.I am looking forward to meeting all the new members with a hope that we will meet each other and exchange ideas and suggestions.

The more precise and necessary information will be sent to you regularly and on time.

Until my next letter, best regards,

Dusica Babovic Vuksanovic, MD

President of BHAAAS