BHAAAS najoštrije osudjuje napad na doktora socioloških nauka na Sveučilištu u Mostaru, Prof. Slavu Kukića

Kako vijesti javljaju, napad na Prof. Kukića je bio politički motivisan. Dok čekamo policijski izvještaj koji će, nadamo se, brzo i uspješno razotkriti identitet napadača i sprovesti adekvatnu pravosudnu mjeru, BHAAAS izražava zabrinutost za ovaj i sve slične napade na akademske i kulturno-umjetničke radnike motivisane političkim nesuglasicama.


Donations for Flood Relief in Bosnia-Herzegovina

We continue to receive many donations for flood relief in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thank you for your generous response to this catastrophic situation. We have been entrusted to use these funds in a responsible way, to safeguard them from fraud, and to ensure that they will have maximum benefit for those impacted by the recent floods in our homeland.

As the immediate threat to loss of life has subsided, we are working in partnership with local contacts in BiH and with other groups in the United States to assess and evaluate where we can make the greatest long-term impact in response to the disastrous floods.

A portion of the funding we have received will go to emergency assistance. The bulk of donated resources will be focused on meeting long-term, sustainable needs. For example, we are exploring assistance in rebuilding and supplying health clinics in areas most affected by the floods.

We are very grateful for your significant support and patient understanding as we move with care and deliberation to provide the greatest level of assistance we can offer to our fellow citizens in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We will provide updates on planned actions as they are developed more fully. To make a tax-deductible donation to support these efforts, please visit:


Support: Flood Relief in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Doboj Poplava

In recent times, Bosnia and Herzegovina was impacted by a once in a generation natural disaster. This is an ongoing situation, and the extent and severity of this catastrophic flood is still being assessed. Please join the urgent relief effort with your donations.

BHAAAS Board of Directors

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  • BHAAAS 7th Annual Meeting, Washington DC
  • 6. BHAAAS days in B&H; Bihac, May 21-24, 2014
  • 7. BHAAAS days in B&H; Brcko District, week of April 24, 2015
  • International Cultural Exchange Program 2014-2015




President of the Academy

Gordan Srkalovic, MD, PhD, FACP President of the Academy

Gordan Srkalovic,
President of the Academy

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BHAAAS Wikipedia Contribution Award Contest

Bosnian-Herzegovinian Academy of Arts and Sciences announces the establishment of the annual BHAAAAS Wikipedia Contribution Award(WCA) contest.
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International Cultural Exchange Program 2014-2015


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